Royal Males


 This band is yet another recommendation from a different friend of mine. I found out more about this band on myspace and facebook thus I found a different new music location (facebook).                                                              If you are into the likes of the Jam and The Libertines then you will really like this band. Based in Taunton they formed back in 2006 and although they class themselves as punk/indie/alternative, their sound has a distinct similarity to 80s mod music which could be due to bands such as; “The specials” and “The Clash”, whom they mention on their page as being influences of theirs. As well as this, their band logo is also similar to a symbol which became associated with the mods (see picture below).



 Check out these guys either at their Myspace here or their Facebook by clicking here

Black Kids

In a previous post I mentioned I would stick with British  bands for now, but, after looking at several new bands emerging into the industry, I realised that America is having a huge impact over here. So here is the first American band I am reviewing!

I first heard this band at a Kate Nash concert which I went to in March. They were the support act and they were actually quite good! The band is made up of: Continue reading “Black Kids”

Liz Cass

I got such a good result with Unclecon that I thought I would search within a different genre on I am really enjoying this site as I can access all sorts of new unsigned music whom could make it big in the future but are at the moment are unknown by many!

I heard this singer and instantly took a liking to her. The first song of hers I listened to; “enough” is classed a R & B which is different from her usual genre which is Jazz,but is still really good. Whilst listening to the majority of her jazz songs she reminded me of Continue reading “Liz Cass”


This time I thought I would take the advice of a friend and look up one of her local bands. 

Milqud is made up of three guys from Bury St Edmonds, and if you imagine a cross between Green day and Panic! at the disco you will have an idea what these guys sound like! Although they are currently unsigned they seem to be making a name for themselves Continue reading “Milqud”


This time I thought I would find new music from a different source on the internet. So, I typed in “Undiscovered Music” into google and the first site that came up is which is a site where unsigned bands and singers promote themselves and their music. The genre I chose to review is easy listening, a change from the previous pop singer I reviewed.

The first easy listening singer I found was a guy who calls himself Unclecon. He is from Glasgow and at the moment only tours pubs and venues around Glasgow. The songs which are featured on the site are acoustic and the sound quality isn’t great but it is good enough to show the quality of his voice and the slight scottish accent he uses whilst singing which adds more life to the songs and adds to the personal level which these songs are!

Check him out and decide what you think of him by clicking here

Pete and the Pirates

Ok, so the next site I tried for new music was actually reccomended by someone I know. The website I used this time was On this site, you type in a band you like and they find you other similar bands.

This time, I thought I would go for a genre I enjoy listening to, pop, in particular Brit Pop and Indie Pop which have slowly started merging. The band I typed in as my starting point is Scouting for girls. The first few songs that came up as reccomendations were mainstream bands such as; The Feelin and Keane. But then this band came up. Continue reading “Pete and the Pirates”


Ok, so the first band I picked was at random on Myspace.I merely clicked on unsigned bands and then on experimental as I thought I would try something different and the genre just seemed to fit with what I wanted for the first review!

The first band on there was from America and I think for now I want to stick to British bands so I clicked on another one and this is how I found Anathema!! Continue reading “Anathema”