The Boy who trapped the sun

I recently came accross this artist after going to a Lisa Mitchell concert in Southampton, and he was one of the support acts . The boy who trapped the sun’s real name is actually Colin Macleod and was born and bred in Scotland. On his debut EP he states that he” wrote, co-produced and played all the instruments except the strings”, which is pretty impressive

He has recently brought out his debut EP called “Home” which is filled with raw acoustic sound with the odd vocal sound effect thrown in, but nonetheless is worth listening to.

Check out the official video to the EP track entitled, “Home”


Fight like Apes

A fellow work experience at nme recommended I listen to this band, as they are from Ireland, same as said work exp. Now, I thought it would be pretty good as the others that she has reccomended have been amazing, but  I am afraid even the people with good taste in music can have the occasional bad band on their list, and this is one of theirs.

The first song I listened to on their myspace was called “Jake summers” and to be honest that was their best one out of the lot as it wasn’t 99% mice squeaking. Plus I could understand most of the lyrics on this track. However, it goes downhill from there.

One piece of advice whilst listening to them, turn down your treble, you will need it, the female lead singer often reaches pitches only dogs can hear. In fact they should lend her voice to the next mosquito device.

But, I must say the “highlight” of the track was a cover version of Lightsabre cocksucking blues, originally sung by McCluskey. I thought, to be fair on Fight like apes I would listen to McCluskey’s version to see if it was just a bad song, but sadly, it seems, fight like apes just destroyed a pretty decent song. It didnt help that it was originally sung by a male and the cover version sounded like a prolonged orgasm by the female.

But, if you are into your loud mouthed, screaming females then you should definitely give them a listen just don’t put the volume on too high, we don’t want any windows breaking!

Track review- Froud- Open up your mind

Here was my assignment from nme, this is the edited version after I had the feedback.

Here at the NME office we were surprised to hear of a new Irish band that was not being managed by Louis Walsh and are actually quite different to their Irish pop predecessors. Think The Calling’s wannabe rock sound  meets the annoyingly drivel of  Nickelback and you’ll get the idea.

‘Open up your mind’ may be filled with alluring guitar and drum riffs but lacks the powerful, not to mention good lyrics. Its mediocre, pop influenced lyrics such as; “open up your mind, take a look inside, I will puke if I’m a single entity” makes its rightful place at the bottom of the bargain bucket at HMV. Sorry Louis Walsh, we take it all back, please come back!

Feedback anyone?