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Similar to Lisa Mitchell, Sia (full name Sia Kate Isobelle Furler) also originates from Australia. She moved to England a while ago to launch her career over here which seems to be making progress.

Having already had three solo albums out in Australia she is determined to make a break into the UK music market with her next album, entitled “We are born” which is a great mix of pop, electro and dance to create a sound similar to alphabeat and the black kids and is due for release on 7th June.

My favourite track on this album is called “Stop trying” and has a school playground-esque feel to it. But, the first single due for release off this new album is  “clap your hands” which you can check out along with 5 other track off the album here

But, you cannot deny this singer is a larger than life character with a lot of charisma and flair, and now she is in the UK who knows how far she will go in the music industry.

Check out her myspace here

Or her official website here