What do you get when you cross a film composer, a DJ and a director of  music and arts? If you think this is the start of a witty joke you would be very much mistaken, this is in fact one of the latest bands springing up from America.

Olio is made up of three singers from different states in America and have a very upbeat sound which is good to hear in the current climate. Their styles range throughout each song and it is virtually impossible to tie the band down to one genre. If you are looking for songs to cheer you up and give you some positivity in life this band is one you should definitely look up. Their songs range from all types of music from rock to soul so there is a song for most people.

Their latest work in progress will be called “Living the Dream” and from what I have heard it does not disappoint. From the beautiful, melodious tunes such as “Completely Beautiful” to the pop rock break up song “One last goodbye” this collection is definitely worth looking up.

Have a listen to their album on their official website which you can visit by clicking here

Or alternatively have a listen to the wonderful “One last goodbye” below:


To find our more about the band check out their Myspace  or Olio’s official website

Johnny Flynn

If you think folk music is boring and only for members of green peace then think again!

28 year old Johnny Flynn (also known as Joe Flynn) is a unique talent who takes folk music to another level. Amongst his claims to fame he can include; appearing in Lisa Mitchell’s ‘Coin Laundry’ video as well as performing a duet with Brit award winner, Laura Marling in his most recent single “The Water”

His debut album, “A larum” is full of beautifully written lyrics and so many emotions, and his second album “Been Listening” continues this and does not fail to disappoint.

Personally I am not into that many folk bands but Johnny Flynn is a brilliant example of a modern day folk singer. After seeing Johnny Flynn and his band the Sussex Wit at last year’s Festibelly in Lymington and if you get the chance to see him live you will not be dissapointed!

Check out one of his brilliant songs, The Box below:


Find out where he is playing this summer by visiting the official Johnny Flynn website. or check out his myspace page here

Christina Novelli

Move over Craig David we have another artist that hails from our area and she seems set to take England by storm.

Southampton born, Christina Novelli has a very distinct voice and has a sound that definitely fits the present musical styles. If you think of the power and attitude of Hayley Williams from Paramore and Pink and you are on your way to getting an idea of what this singer/songwriter sounds like.

But, its not only her voice she has got going for her, she is also very good looking, which is partly from her French-Italian background from her father, Jean Christophe Novelli  (yes, I do mean the Jean Christophe Novelli, the famous cook) and her English mother.

At the age of 23 she has already played at many of the famous venues in London, where she is now based and has already had an EP released entitled; “The Lost without you EP” which was released last July on Itunes.

On top of all this she also has a very unique talent. She can play a right handed guitar upside down (she is left handed), dont believe us?   watch the video of Christina performing The Break up song on the guitar….


You can hear more of her music on her youtube channel or to find out more  about Christina Novelli check out her myspace page here

One of Christina’s songs, Turn off the lights is currently being featured on The Park as part of our rising talent feature where a local artist/band is played every other hour. So, if you are in the area tune into 96.9fm or alternatively go to The Park website and click on the listen live.

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