6 Minutes to Sunrise

6 mins final

One thing I really enjoy being able to do on this blog is promoting local bands and artists. If you listen to a great local band, it is that much better than someone from a different area, in my opinion. It makes you like your city that little bit more as you know that at the very least it produces some decent music. This is certainly something 6 Minutes to Sunrise did for me.

6 Minutes to Sunrise is an alternative indie band made up of 4 members: Chris Griffiths, Chris Scott, Paul and Cameron.  Although there are many bands out there who label themselves alternative indie, this band have managed to find their own unique voice amongst the indie scene. Having listened to quite a few of their songs one thing I do know above all, is that this band is talented. Not only are they good musicians but they are also great storytellers, a key talent missing from many mainstream artists these days.

One of my personal favourite tracks of theirs is called Beautiful which is also the word I would use to describe this song (cheesy I know, but true) Have a listen to it below:

Their most recent single, My Favourite Fantasy is also a  great track which I can imagine sounds fantastic live. This track is upbeat, emotional and catchy with pretty deep yet uplifting lyrics. You can listen to the full track below.


Their tracks sound anything but amateur and I am sure we will be hearing plenty more from them in the future.

Find out what the band is up to and see when and where they are playing by liking their Facebook page here or follow them on twitter by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can catch them live on 4th Feb at the Joiners in Southampton.  Find out more information at The Joiners website.

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