Ok, so the first band I picked was at random on Myspace.I merely clicked on unsigned bands and then on experimental as I thought I would try something different and the genre just seemed to fit with what I wanted for the first review!

The first band on there was from America and I think for now I want to stick to British bands so I clicked on another one and this is how I found Anathema!! The group is made up of 6 members, these are; Vincent Cavanagh, John Douglas, Danny Cavanagh, Les Smith, Lee Douglas and Jamie Cavanagh.They are currently in the process of creating a new album called “Temporary Peace” which will be the first of two albums to be released this year. This album will be released on Peaceville Records, which according to Wikipedia is an independent metal-oriented record label.

When I first listened to the songs they have posted on their Myspace page, one of my first thoughts was; “Wow, these songs are long, radio stations wouldn’t like them”. In particular, their song “Simple Mistake” is 8 Minutes long. In fact, none of the songs are shorter than 5 minutes which just seem a bit too lengthy!

Anyway, the genre they class themselves into is Experimental/rock, which you can’t really argue against as the whole point of experimental is that is blurs the genre boundaries.

Out of the four songs they have posted on their page I quite like the song ‘Everything’.

I looked up the lyrics and when you read them and know what they are saying you realise that the song is very emotional and meaningful!

In particular, the aspect of this band I like is the contrasting voices of the female and the male which isn’t done very often, except for the occasional duet with different artists!

However, the last song on the list; ‘Closer’ is very different from the other three and has quite a gritty sound with the male voice at the end sounding like a heavy metal singer, which sounds out of place alongside the other songs on their site.

As well as the four main songs on the page on the music player, they have also uploaded two videos of other songs of theirs; “Pressure” and “A Fine Day to Exit”. Pressure has a ghostly theme to it with the help of synthesisers and special FX on the video!

Overall, Anathema have a different sound and are worth listening to if only for the harmonies of the two voices.

Check them out here!

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  1. I’m luving them fx’s on the video it’s like owow. This band is 19 years old and they no one heard off, mtv’z and all that.
    Too bad they are undiscovered by apes pigs and spacemen, it’s that long song thing, every one knows 3 minitz is moar than enough to unzip unload zip and clear your ears for another load of insane stuff like these expirimental folk

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