Andrea Mcewan

I actually discovered this artist back in 2009 at a concert. She was the support act for Katie Melua and if you like her you will love Andrea. She is an Australian singer that until last year was living in London, she is currently living in Berlin working on her music. I cannot stop listening to her album, and if you like female acoustic singers you should definitely take a listen to this artist. There is no news as to whether she is planning on coming to England again anytime soon but you can download her album “Rental Property” on itunes, or through the wonderful world that is ebay. The songs you should definitely hear are love suit, and Mr London Town.

The best thing about her lyrics is the metaphors she uses such as making London into a lover, and giving it a human form. She has got a really sweet, melodic voice and you can hear a few samples of her songs on her facebook page here

She also has written a very interesting blog about her travels in Berlin, so if you are into reading blogs check it out here

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