Post Number 20!!

Anyway, this band is one recommended by my friend who has completely different music taste to me and if you take a listen to this band you will understand just what I mean. They are very far from Indie Pop in that they are a mixture of metal and drum and bass, two genres which,to be honest I am not too keen on! But, as I said I would review allsorts of different genres I thought for my twentieth post I would review something completely different and away from my “Comfort zone” of music.

Shellshock formed back in 2000 and local venues soon transformed into something bigger when they were offered to support Skindred on a 26 date tour. Since then, they released their first e.p back in 2005. Howeverk shortly before this their original guitarist, Rafe Chiles died in Paris and after recovering from this, shellshock were announced as having more drive and belief.

Their first album, “Laws of Rebellion” is due to be released on 9th July.

But, in the meantime, you can check them out on their official site at or listen ton some of their tracks on their myspace page here

Let’s Talk Tactics

This band is the newest one I have reviewed. They only formed seven months as they all attend the Academy of Contemporary Music University in Guildford and met there. They have a unique sound and although they have only been playing together for seven months on Myspace they have already 66,404 plays of their songs altogether and have a total of 3179 friends

On their Myspace page they have stated that they are aiming to “combine the power of Pendulum, the attitude of Enter Shikari and the ingenuity of The Klaxons”. They describe their music as electro rock and I think that is a good description of the genre of music as they use a combination of a synthesiser and electric guitar to create a unique sound which is heard throughout their songs.

They are due to release their first E.P “Advanced Preview” later this year!


Check them out here


The Pirate Ship Quintet

This band is quite different from all the others I have reviewed, they are from London, Bristol and Bournemouth. Their sound is very unique.In the song, “I kina spiser de hund” the tone varies and thorughout the song, which is purely instrumental with the exception to one scream, the song goes from hard rock sound to a classical intrumental sound. This continues to swap and change thoughout this song and gives the song an air of unease and imbalance.

As well as this, the album art for their E.P is jus as unique and surreal, which you can purchase through their myspace, which you can view by clicking  here

Page 44

Ok, so this is another band which is close to my main favourite genre, indie pop. But, the discopvery of thi band was not on purpose, they added me a while back and I thought I would looking into the bands that have randomly added me in the past.

Page 44′ sound is a mixture of pop, rock and indie. They have a few gigs lined up for June/July time and I reccommend you check them out.


Have a look at their Myspace here 



Interview with Black Bart

I caught up with Rob Joy, lead guitarist from Black Bart to ask a few questions about the band to find out more about who they are and what they are about.

how did you come up with the name Black Bart?

Black Bart (the name) was devised by one current and one former member of the band. He/It is several things. Most notably, in our case, a highwayman, Charles Boles, who decided to give up business in England and head out to America to rob stage coaches, leaving poetry at the scene of most of his crimes.

Only retrospectively did this name and story become fitting with the Americana influences on the sound we have taken up. Continue reading “Interview with Black Bart”