I kept thinking over and over who does this artist sound like, what styles has he adopted? The thing is, BAKER is quite a rarity in the music industry at the moment. There is nothing generic about this artist and he seems to have put a spin on the dance genre to make it infectious yet enjoyable. He is stylish, he has a contemporary edge to him but at the same time there is a subtle undertone of something perhaps vintage in his music and looks.

One thing is for sure, his songs are very catchy and for all the right reasons, they have a good solid back beat, he makes you want to get up and dance to and they are perfect to cheer you up on a miserable rainy day.

BAKER is currently between New York and LA recording his second album and he has already performed at some big gigs in America including the infamous, SXSW festival in Texas.  So with all this under his belt he is set to take America and perhaps even the world by storm with his catchy, dancefloor anthem which could easily become a summer hit.

Have a listen to the first single off his second album “Not gonna wait” and you will be sure to see what I mean about the infectious beats BAKER seems to create in most of his songs.


If you like what you hear then check out his youtube channel, Bakermusicofficial or visit his website to find out more about the up and coming star that is BAKER.

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