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A very late happy new year to you all. Firstly a MASSIVE apology that there has been such a delay since the last post, I have had a lot going on. But, more importantly I am back and 2015 is going to be much better for this blog.

As is tradition my first post of the new year is a review of BBC Sound of 2015 top 5. Last year’s winner, Sam Smith, as predicted has become quite the sensation and I am happy to see that my favourite, George Ezra has had his fair share of success in 2014.  If you want to see my review of last year’s BBC Sound click here.

So without further ado here is 2015’s top 5 of up and coming music, enjoy!

5. George the Poet

George the Poet

Rap music has always been one of my least favourite genres. Don’t get me wrong, I was a teenager when Eminem was up and coming and I enjoyed some of his songs purely because of the stories they told. However, the thing that I find quite interesting about George the Poet is the way he raps, which almost resembles more of a poetic style (hence I guess his name) but personally, it’s still not something I would have on my Ipod.

Listen to his performance of “Grinding” from the Brit Awards Critics choice sessions of which  he came runner up in.

4.  Raury


18 year old Atlanta born Raury is BBC Sound’s number 4 of 2015. Having listened to two of his songs, Cigarette Song and God’s whisper I wasn’t particularly blown away by the music. It sounded a bit Bruno Mars meets Friendly Fires which if you like that fine but it didn’t feel a particularly unique sound. But, you make your own mind up and have a listen to what I felt was the better of the two songs, Cigarette Song:

3. Stormzy


Continuing the theme of weirdly spelled names we have London born, Stormzy. Another rapper who calls himself “Child of Grime” I am afraid I didn’t enjoy it, he sounds like most rappers in the charts. It just feels like your stereotypical black rapper, I’m hard and I am going to rap about it. At least George the Poet had an edge to him by the way that he expressed the words, this artist just does nothing for me. But, have a listen to Not that Deep below:

2. James Bay

James Bay

At last, some talent on this year’s list. James Bay is the sort of artist I like, acoustic singer-songwriter with a nice blend of blues  added to the mix, very nice. He has already won this year’s Critics Choice Brit awards which after listening to Hold Back the River I can totally understand why they chose him. His music is uplifting and great for the soul. You have got to listen to Hold back the river below, he is sure to succeed in the music industry with a Brit Award already under his belt. This is one song I will be downloading very soon:

And finally the winner of 2015,  following in the footsteps of artists such as Florence and the Machine, Mika, Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding is…….

1. Years and Years

Years and Years

Usually I agree with the number one choice of BBC Sound but this band I am not sure about. They are an electro pop band and although their music is upbeat and pretty catchy, it it just a bit too generic and clubby for my liking. I would probably enjoy it if I was in a nightclub but I don’t think it will be one I will download to my ipod. If you like dance music I am sure you will enjoy them but personally I think BBC haven’t quite got it right this year. But have a listen to their single, King and make your own mind up about this year’s winner:

So that’s it for this year’s BBC Sound of 2015. To be honest I am a little disappointed at the choices this year. Too much rap and not enough unique talent in there. Nothing as unique as George Ezra. Hopefully BBC Sound will be back on form next year.

What did you think of the final 5 this year?

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