Black Kids

In a previous post I mentioned I would stick with British  bands for now, but, after looking at several new bands emerging into the industry, I realised that America is having a huge impact over here. So here is the first American band I am reviewing!

I first heard this band at a Kate Nash concert which I went to in March. They were the support act and they were actually quite good! The band is made up of:

Owen Holmes – bass
Kevin Snow – drums
Dawn Watley – keys and vocals
Ali Youngblood – keys and vocals
Reggie Youngblood – vocals and guitar

 The band are from Florida and their sound is a mixture of pop and dance. Although, they have just released a single I feel they need to be mentioned on here because on hearing them live, which, by the way they are good at, I felt that they deserved a bit of coverage because there are a lot of people who do not know who the Black Kids are. They are all young adults and their latest song “I won’t teach your boyfriend how to dance with you” is a great song to get up and dance your heart out to and makes you wanna sing along when they shout “dance dance dance dance”.

Anyway, check out their Myspace now

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