Adam Geraghty

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I heard about this artist through an email I received. The first thing that struck me was that he is Irish. I have quite deep Irish roots through my father so I love hearing about new Irish singers and I love being able to promote them and this one certainly is no exception.

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Allie Moss


This is an artist I went to see at Southampton’s Joiners live and i was not disappointed. I first heard of her from a song you will recognise from a bt infinity advert last year. The song is called corner and is a brilliant acoustic song.

If you like your acoustic female singer songwriter then you will definitely love this one. Think the soft voice melodies of Colbie Caillat meets the raw emotion of James Morrison. All of her songs have an interesting story behind them and each one gives the listener an insight into Allie’s life.

One of my favourite tracks of hers is called Melancholy Astronautic man which has a beautiful yet catchy romantic melody. Check it out here:





Allie Moss seems to have it all, she has a voice perfectly suited to acoustic songs, she writes and composes her own tunes and she can play many different instruments. There’s not much to dislike about the American singer and musician.

To top it off, before she took to the stage in Southampton I managed to interview this up and coming acoustic singer from Jersey. So, watch this space for the whole interview and to find out about how BT chased her down for the advert and much more.


In the mean time, have a look at her website for the latest on Allie Moss here.

Lisa Mitchell

Ok, I admit it. It is yet another female acoustic singer again but this one definitely deserves a place on here. I saw her live recently at Southampton’s Joiners Arms and if you have never heard of her you should definitely check her out.

Lisa Mitchell was actually born in Canterbury, England but at the age of three she was moved to Australia where she has lived for the majority of her life, this has given her an accent with an  english/australian lilt which comes accross in her songs very strongly giving her a unusual but distinct singing voice, one that is hard to compare to anyone else.

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Andrea Mcewan

I actually discovered this artist back in 2009 at a concert. She was the support act for Katie Melua and if you like her you will love Andrea. She is an Australian singer that until last year was living in London, she is currently living in Berlin working on her music. I cannot stop listening to her album, and if you like female acoustic singers you should definitely take a listen to this artist. There is no news as to whether she is planning on coming to England again anytime soon but you can download her album “Rental Property” on itunes, or through the wonderful world that is ebay. The songs you should definitely hear are love suit, and Mr London Town.

The best thing about her lyrics is the metaphors she uses such as making London into a lover, and giving it a human form. She has got a really sweet, melodic voice and you can hear a few samples of her songs on her facebook page here

She also has written a very interesting blog about her travels in Berlin, so if you are into reading blogs check it out here

Lucy Schwartz

A relatively new talent to the scene, but you may have already heard some of her songs without realising it. If you have seen the film, “The Women” you may well have heard two of her, “Beautiful” and “Count on me” which she wrote and sung for the blockbuster.Her songs have also been featured on the likes of; Private Practise, Reaper, South beach and most recently, Grey’s Anatomy.

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This time I thought I would find new music from a different source on the internet. So, I typed in “Undiscovered Music” into google and the first site that came up is which is a site where unsigned bands and singers promote themselves and their music. The genre I chose to review is easy listening, a change from the previous pop singer I reviewed.

The first easy listening singer I found was a guy who calls himself Unclecon. He is from Glasgow and at the moment only tours pubs and venues around Glasgow. The songs which are featured on the site are acoustic and the sound quality isn’t great but it is good enough to show the quality of his voice and the slight scottish accent he uses whilst singing which adds more life to the songs and adds to the personal level which these songs are!

Check him out and decide what you think of him by clicking here