The blog is expanding again!!

For so many years now I have wanted to make this blog bigger and I have now taken the next step towards that goal. I now have a domain name for the website. Once I have arranged hosting and some other information the website will be and my email address for submissions or just to say hi is now

Thanks for your continued support, I am looking forward to making Undiscovered bigger and better!!

Liz x

Freshfields is coming!!

This is a great local festival held each year in New Milton and it has expanded so much in the last few years.

I last went to this festival a few years ago when it was a one day event, there was a scattering of stalls and just a few stages.

However, this year it is running for two days and has 4 stages, including the ska stage, all mixed up, blues stage and the main “bigger boat” stage.

Previous acts have included the Brit nominated artist, Rumer and this year the line up is just as exciting.

Acts confirmed include: Crescendi, Fearne and previously reviewed Lonely Dakota ( previously known as 6 minutes to sunrise) as well as many other local acts.

This is set to be a fantastic weekend and with a weekend ticket including camping only costing £35 it is sure to be a packed out event.

To find out more information and to buy tickets go to

NEW Facebook page

So, today has been a pretty productive day. I have finally made a Facebook page for this blog as a way to further promote Undiscovered Music and also be able to promote the wonderful music I get to review.


So, please like the Facebook page to stay up to date with all things, Undiscovered Music!!!



Takedown Festival 2014

As you may know from previous posts, one thing I really enjoy being able to do is promote local music. This time I can go one better!

On 15th March, Southampton University will be host to Takedown Festival 2014.

This event is host not only to well know bands such as Kids in Glass Houses and Funeral for a Friend but also to many local bands such as 6 Minutes to Sunrise, who I have previously reviewed and Seasons in Wreckage who are based in Portsmouth.

Doors open at 13:30 and there will be lots more bands playing throughout the day.

Tickets are available through the official website (

So, if you want a day filled with good music, both on a local and national level, what are you waiting for?

Change of contact email

So, there may not have been a blog post for a while but I am working on bringing this back properly and with it comes a new email address for any recommendations and any mp3s you want to send accross to me.


The new email address is:


So, anyone that has already emailed me please send me your email address again as unfortunately my previous email has been shut down due to the radio station I worked with shutting down. Also, any bands or artists who do want to send me some mp3s to listen to with a view to feature on my  blog please send them to the address above. If you would prefer to send a material copy simply message me and I will give you the postal address.


More importantly, to all those listeners who tuned in to my show fear not Undiscovered will appear again in the near future and watch this space for more reviews on the newest and undiscovered bands and artists from around the world.


Thanks for reading!


What do you get when you cross a film composer, a DJ and a director of  music and arts? If you think this is the start of a witty joke you would be very much mistaken, this is in fact one of the latest bands springing up from America.

Olio is made up of three singers from different states in America and have a very upbeat sound which is good to hear in the current climate. Their styles range throughout each song and it is virtually impossible to tie the band down to one genre. If you are looking for songs to cheer you up and give you some positivity in life this band is one you should definitely look up. Their songs range from all types of music from rock to soul so there is a song for most people.

Their latest work in progress will be called “Living the Dream” and from what I have heard it does not disappoint. From the beautiful, melodious tunes such as “Completely Beautiful” to the pop rock break up song “One last goodbye” this collection is definitely worth looking up.

Have a listen to their album on their official website which you can visit by clicking here

Or alternatively have a listen to the wonderful “One last goodbye” below:


To find our more about the band check out their Myspace  or Olio’s official website

Emma’s Imagination

My first post of 2011, so let me start off by saying Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a good new year. I am determined to blog a lot more this year so this is me starting my new year’s resolution…..on the 4th Feb. Ok, so maybe I am a little late, but better late than never….Anyway, on to the review, this singer is definitely one to look out for in 2011.

I found this singer whilst randomly searching on the Myspace unsigned charts and happened to come accross her (then at number 4)

She originates from Scotland and if you enjoy listening to the likes of Sara Bareilles, Lisa Mitchell or Colbie Caillait you will love this singer. From the strange but beautiful videos to the captivating song lyrics Emma’s Imagination allows you to capture and view a part of her creative imagination.

Currently she is not that well known in the music circuit but having already been nominated for Best New Act at the Scottish Variety Award 2011, Emma is set to go far this year.

Check out her latest video, This day for yourself below:


This is off her debut album, “Stand Still”


To find out more information about her or to listen to more of her songs have a look at her myspace by clicking here


For all those who are listening to my radio show (Undiscovered with Liz Leake) every friday (fridays @ 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm, saturdays 1am, 7am, 1pm and 7pm) this artist is featured on next week’s show. For anyone that has not heard the radio show, what’s going on? tune in to next week’s show on friday by following the link on the left.

Similar to Lisa Mitchell, Sia (full name Sia Kate Isobelle Furler) also originates from Australia. She moved to England a while ago to launch her career over here which seems to be making progress.

Having already had three solo albums out in Australia she is determined to make a break into the UK music market with her next album, entitled “We are born” which is a great mix of pop, electro and dance to create a sound similar to alphabeat and the black kids and is due for release on 7th June.

My favourite track on this album is called “Stop trying” and has a school playground-esque feel to it. But, the first single due for release off this new album is  “clap your hands” which you can check out along with 5 other track off the album here

But, you cannot deny this singer is a larger than life character with a lot of charisma and flair, and now she is in the UK who knows how far she will go in the music industry.

Check out her myspace here

Or her official website here