Doug Andrews – Man on Wire

Doug Andrews

Doug Andrews

If you want a new easy listening artist to add to your playlist then check out Doug Andrews.

Born in Wyoming, America Doug Andrews, is a singer/songwriter with a beautiful bluesy/country style sound. He is a gifted musician with the type of voice that is soothing yet evocative that makes you believe he means every word he sings.

One of Doug Andrews’ most recent tracks “Man on Wire” highlights the trials of human nature and how we can sacrifice our true self for the sake of pleasing others or conforming. It is a very emotional song and is definitely worth a listen.

However, another thing that struck me about this track is the poignant video that accompanies it. The story that goes with it is just as sweet and moving:

” I dressed up as a street performer and initially intended on wandering the streets, playing for anyone that would listen.  I had no idea where it would lead.  Most people ended up ignoring me and kept their distance, unable to see past my appearance. I felt invisible, like a ghost.  Spontaneously, I bought some flowers and passed them out to strangers.  This simple act of kindness gave me a great insight into everyday life.  We all want to be appreciated and noticed.  It’s so easy to reach out and connect with one another, but we rarely do it.  It took dressing up in a clown costume to realize that we are all wearing costumes everyday, longing for someone to see through them and connect with the people we truly are.” 

Although Doug Andrews is now living in Vienna, if you search his Youtube there are several videos of him performing at some of the music festivals over in Wyoming. These are older tracks but one of my favourite songs on there is called “Here we go again” and the fact it is a live version shows off his amazing voice even more.

Find out more about Doug Andrews on his website by clicking here.

Alternatively find out what he is up to on his Facebook page.

To get an idea of Doug Andrews’ music have a listen to his newest track “Man on Wire” below:


……and because I love this track so much, here is Here we go again:


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