Emma’s Imagination

My first post of 2011, so let me start off by saying Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a good new year. I am determined to blog a lot more this year so this is me starting my new year’s resolution…..on the 4th Feb. Ok, so maybe I am a little late, but better late than never….Anyway, on to the review, this singer is definitely one to look out for in 2011.

I found this singer whilst randomly searching on the Myspace unsigned charts and happened to come accross her (then at number 4)

She originates from Scotland and if you enjoy listening to the likes of Sara Bareilles, Lisa Mitchell or Colbie Caillait you will love this singer. From the strange but beautiful videos to the captivating song lyrics Emma’s Imagination allows you to capture and view a part of her creative imagination.

Currently she is not that well known in the music circuit but having already been nominated for Best New Act at the Scottish Variety Award 2011, Emma is set to go far this year.

Check out her latest video, This day for yourself below:


This is off her debut album, “Stand Still”


To find out more information about her or to listen to more of her songs have a look at her myspace by clicking here

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