Foxboro Hot Tubs

Ok, so before anyone mentions that this band is in fact, Green Day and so is not a new band or even an unsigned band, I know this. But, after reading up about Green day’s side project I felt it needed a mention on here, as the internet and namely Myspace has had a big influence with promoting this project!

The page for the Foxboro Hot Tubs was started supposedly in Oct 2007. This means that this page was practically empty for two months before “Foxboro Hot tubs” added an E.P of six songs onto the site which were also free to download.

The story is, that as soon as these were added, a page with few fans became huge amongst the myspace population within a matter of hours. Then later on another six songs were added to make the E.P, a full length album.

During this time, bloggers were unravelling the clues which Greenday left to identify the Foxbororo’s. This new project is completely different to Green day’s usual genre of pop rock. This has been described as a mixture of; early kinks, early Iggy and early Smiths thus the genre would be more traditional 60s pop.

The role of the Internet in this case was very important. This was the way Green Day decided to release their new songs and with the help of bloggers and other people on myspace word spread quickly about these songs and they became an instant hit, even making it onto the infamous radio station, KROQ as one of the most requested songs.

This side project of Green day’s highlights what I have been discovering which is just how important a role the internet plays in promoting unheard music and making it heard. It would have been unlikely that The Foxboro Hot tubs would have been as much of an instant success had it not been for MySpace and the effect of bloggers and Myspace users! 


To find out more on the Green Day side project phenomenon go to their myspace by clicking here

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