Interview with Royal Males

After writing the review of the Royal Males I managed to get in contact with them and I caught up with one of the guitarists, Josh Scarratt to find out more about the band.

where did you all meet?

We all met on the music course we were all taking at the college .But, Ian (bassist), Dave (drummer) and I knew each other through secondary school and we were the Royal Males back then, but doing covers. We didn’t really have a clue on how to go about doing our own material. We wanted to stay together once we got on the music course but we got split in to other bands, me and Ian were in the same band and that’s how we met Joe our other guitarist. We had a 2 week induction with these ‘slapped’ together bands and at the end we all opted out of them. Me, Dave, Ian and Joe were left and then this George character, who now is our singer. He had something about him and yeah it was kind of fate I suppose. 

 how did you get to support Madness? was it a case of their manager approaching you or the other way around?

It was neither actually, it came through the music charity/organisation called Strummerville, which is a thing for new music. They set up a charity gig with Madness and it was in a town near us and they were giving two local bands the opportunity to support them and they chose us as I guess they liked our music. Afterwards when ever we were spoken of we’d be referred to the Royal Males who just supported Madness, which was weird but that’s died down now thankfully as we don’t want to be referred to as that all the time.

what are your plans for the coming months?

 We have got a gig or two, currently in talks with a kind of  big’ish band about supporting them at a city near us, we are hopeful for that as, you know, it gets our music out to more people and we get to support an artist that we admire to some extent, but yeah that’s still small talk I guess at the mo. We are currently doing a lot of writing at the moment and we are also booking studio time as we are eager to get these new tracks recorded as we feel they represent our style better and I think they show how our writing style has matured a bit.

ok and final question, what are ur hopes and aspirations for the future as a band?

Just to continue what were doing I guess, writing music and doing gigs, but on a larger scale and more constant. It would be amazing to tour the UK and establish ourselves a lot more, if release an album that would be fantastic. So I guess just to get ourselves out there more.

You can download the Royal Males music on 7’s Digital Indie store and you can find out more about the band here

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