Lisa Mitchell

Ok, I admit it. It is yet another female acoustic singer again but this one definitely deserves a place on here. I saw her live recently at Southampton’s Joiners Arms and if you have never heard of her you should definitely check her out.

Lisa Mitchell was actually born in Canterbury, England but at the age of three she was moved to Australia where she has lived for the majority of her life, this has given her an accent with anĀ  english/australian lilt which comes accross in her songs very strongly giving her a unusual but distinct singing voice, one that is hard to compare to anyone else.

My very favourite song of hers is Incomplete Lullaby which was actually on her EP “Said one to the other”. It is a very poignant love song which is not too mushy or soppy. Here is the video below, you have got to give it a listen:


Her first album to date “wonder” debuted at number 1 on itunes in Australia and with tracks like “clean white love” and “Alice” you can see why, its just a case of time before the UK properly hear of this talent.

The reason we have not heard about her until now is that her career was started and has been established in Australia, which was started by Lisa being in Australian Idol back in 2006. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and has moved back to London to work on breaking through the English music scene. The thing, is most of you have already heard her music but not realised it. She composed and performed the song behind the Surf advert. If you don’t remember here is the music and the official music video to jolt your memory:


She is currently finishing touring the UK and has a London date coming up on the 17th March at the Borderline, which is a fantastic gig venue if you like intimate concerts. If you miss this date and are over in Australia in the next few months she will be touring during April and May and you can see the concert dates here

Alternatively, you can buy Lisa’s album, “wonder” via HMV and Amazon or Itunes which also has some of her previous songs from EPs. If you are into female acoustic singers, I do not think you will be disappointed.

Her next single “oh Hark” is out in the UK on April 12th, check it out.

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