Little Comets @ Joiners Live- 6th August 2015

The Joiners in Southampton is one of my favourite music venues. It’s intimate, has great acoustics and if you’re near the front the band is so close they are pretty much on top of you. It is one of those venues that has been around for a long time and has been host to some big bands in the past.

The venue was the most packed I have seen it in a long time and the atmosphere was alive and kicking. After two local support bands, Mother Goose and Howland on came Newcastle indie band, Little Comets

If you ever listened to my radio show when it was around called Undiscovered, you may recognise this group as I played their single, Isles quite a few times. 4 years later it was great to see them still going strong and still as popular as ever.

They started by announcing that this was their first gig as a 5 piece but you couldn’t tell as the collaborations and harmony were spot on.

One thing I like about this band is that the lead singer, Robert Coles has a unique singing voice with his northern accent clearly shining through. Not many singers have that distinct sound but when they do (The Proclaimers and Arctic Monkeys for example) it really adds another layer to the songs.

The band played some of their better known tracks such as Joanna and One night in October. But the song which understandably got everyone jumping around was one which you may have heard before, as it was used in a Radox commercial, and is aptly named Dancing Song.

Overall the gig did not disappoint. The crowd were buzzing with excitement and it was great to be in the middle of it all and listening to the majority of the fans singing along to their songs. It doesn’t happen so often that an intimate gig such as this exudes so much energy but this one had bags of it.

You could tell the band really absorbed the crowd’s energy as the gig went on and they really adapted well to performing on a small stage.

Next stop for Little Comets is Reading and Leeds festival so if you are going to one of these weekends make sure you don’t miss this brilliant band!

If you want to find out more about Little Comets click here or you can keep up to date on their facebook page here.

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