Lucy Schwartz

A relatively new talent to the scene, but you may have already heard some of her songs without realising it. If you have seen the film, “The Women” you may well have heard two of her, “Beautiful” and “Count on me” which she wrote and sung for the blockbuster.Her songs have also been featured on the likes of; Private Practise, Reaper, South beach and most recently, Grey’s Anatomy.

Laura Schwartz, at the age of 19  is already making a name for herself over in America. She sounds like a cross between Sara Bareilles and Emmy the Great, and one of her most recent tracks “I don’t know a thing” definitely proves this.   This song is very reminiscent of summer and perfect during these cold icy days in Britain. Check out the video below:


Although currently only famous in America we hope with her rising fame she will soon be crossing the sea to the UK. Her new EP called “Help me, help me” is released in the US at the end of January and for all those of you who are lucky enough to live over there she has  few dates coming up over there which you can check out on  Lucy’s myspace page.

For everyone else, keep your eyes and ears open, and in the meantime you can listen to her last album; “Winter in June” available to download on itunes.

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