What do you get when you cross a film composer, a DJ and a director of  music and arts? If you think this is the start of a witty joke you would be very much mistaken, this is in fact one of the latest bands springing up from America.

Olio is made up of three singers from different states in America and have a very upbeat sound which is good to hear in the current climate. Their styles range throughout each song and it is virtually impossible to tie the band down to one genre. If you are looking for songs to cheer you up and give you some positivity in life this band is one you should definitely look up. Their songs range from all types of music from rock to soul so there is a song for most people.

Their latest work in progress will be called “Living the Dream” and from what I have heard it does not disappoint. From the beautiful, melodious tunes such as “Completely Beautiful” to the pop rock break up song “One last goodbye” this collection is definitely worth looking up.

Have a listen to their album on their official website which you can visit by clicking here

Or alternatively have a listen to the wonderful “One last goodbye” below:


To find our more about the band check out their Myspace  or Olio’s official website

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