Last Valentines day, I went to The Borderline in London to watch Palladium perform, and also to interview them. They are lovely guys and I got a good interview for the student newpaper, Canvas. Here are some of the bits that they didn’t include in the article, plus a link to the article!

Liz: Where did u all meet?
Peter: Well we all met in London, ‘cause we were doing bits of session work. So…yeah, word of mouth you know, it’s not a big music scene in London really, so everyone knows each other
Rocky: Yeah we all met doing a small gig. That’s when we did our first gig together , in Greenwich. And then the next couple of days later, Pete asked me and Rufio to come and do a little bit in the studio, and it kind of all went from there, you know!
Peter: That would have been October 2006

Liz: As it is valentines day, how many cards did you receive?
Rocky:You know what, you wanna know truthfully…97! But that’s an absolute lie!None,I got none. You know what? My mum called me and gave me a valentines greeting.
Palladium: awwwww…
Liz: Have any of you given any Valentines day cards or…?
Peter: I got one.

Rocky: We didn’t get any you know! (speaking to readers) Send us Valentines gift!

Fez:No, I’m not bothered!

Peter: Fez doesn’t agree with it, Fez thinks it is some horrible pagan ritual.

Rocky: Yeah I manage to always, “skilfully” manage to miss having a girlfriend on Valentines day. Bit gutted about it, but saving some money.



To read the printed article click here or to find out more about the band click here or visit their official site







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  1. “Some horrible pagan ritual”?!? Hahhahhaa! Well to be honest I don’t like Valentine’s day either. Great interview Liz and great answers Palladium!

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