Pete and the Pirates

Ok, so the next site I tried for new music was actually reccomended by someone I know. The website I used this time was On this site, you type in a band you like and they find you other similar bands.

This time, I thought I would go for a genre I enjoy listening to, pop, in particular Brit Pop and Indie Pop which have slowly started merging. The band I typed in as my starting point is Scouting for girls. The first few songs that came up as reccomendations were mainstream bands such as; The Feelin and Keane. But then this band came up.

Pete and the Pirates formed in 2005 and consists of Tommy Sanders (vocals), Peter Cattermoul (bass/vocals), David Thorpe (guitar), Jonny Sanders (drums) and Peter Hefferan (guitar/vocals). The band are from Reading, England and have played several different venues but have not made it into mainstream pop just yet!

The band have one album out which is called; “wait stop begin” and they are signed with “Stolen Recordings” an indie label. They have quite a few upcoming dates in June and are also performing at festivals including; wireless festival and Zoo8 in Kent.I also went on their Myspace page to find out more about them and there is one song which is quite surreal called “Think twice” in which everything is sung twice thus making the song quite confusing but adding to the title of the song by doubling up the lyrics.

They have been featured a lot in NME which has probably given them more publicity but they are still not at the same level as indie pop band, The Hoosiers and One Night Only.

Check them out at or their Myspace:

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