Review of New Music!

As I have written quite a few posts already on new music I thought I would reflect on how the blog is going and what effect it has had on my awareness of different genres.

Overall, it has been a reasonably easy task to find new music which is not mainstream. This is due to sites such as MySpace and Imgifted which are both easy to access and offers a wide range of genres to listen to.

But, this hasn’t only been a general experiment but also became a personal discovery. The main genre I tend to listen to is pop, and in particular indie pop, for example; The Hoosiers and Scouting for girls.

However, this blog has made me look and listen to different genres and I have discovered songs and bands which I would not directly go out of my way to listen to normally, but found I enjoyed listening to.

Two such genres that have come to my attention, that I realise I enjoy listening to are Jazz and Easy Listening. However, on the whole, most of the bands and singers I have listened to I have enjoyed, and not because I purposely chose them.

The reason is, that the majority of the bands/artists are ones that I chose randomly or got recommended from different friends with different music tastes to me! Thus, this experiment has opened my eyes to new genres and extended my knowledge on music. As well as this it has made me realise just how much new music there is out there to be discovered by not only me and the general public but also by the music industry.

The site I found since I started this blog, was This site has been very helpful in helping me discover unsigned bands and artists and is very easy to use due to the site being split into genres, and then displaying the singers. Even when (and if) I stop this blog I feel I would continue to look on this site if I was bored and wanted to find someone new to listen to!


Overall, the amount of new music there is to discover on the net is astounding and I recommend people randomly searching new music as you never know what you may find!

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