Scarlett Parade

I must admit when I saw the name of this band in my inbox I thought this may just be another indie band of which there are hundreds out there these days. I am very happy to say I was completely and utterly wrong!!!

First of all, there is nothing indie or generic about this band. Scarlett Parade is a blues rock duo who originate from the Isle of Man. The band is made up of Adam Jones and Geoffrey Tinkler, both 24 years old and currently living in London.

This duo has so much talent not only in the song writing department but they can also play multiple instruments; a brilliant skill to have in an era where bands are known more for their vocal skills rather than their actual musical ability.

It is hard to compare them to any other band or artist because of their unique sound so the best thing to do is to listen to their songs and make your own mind up.

Their debut ep was released last Feb and it is a great showcase of their talent and is definitely worth a listen. Here is one of my favourite tracks from the ep called “I don’t need your love” which is a brilliant example of blues rock meets ballad.

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One thing I really like about this ep is that there is a song for everyone. If you aren’t a fan of the slower ballads and you prefer something with a more rockier beat then the heavier sounds of  “Black as the sun” may be one for you. This ep is great for picking songs to match your mood at the time.

But, whether you like the heavier beats of rock or the smoother more mellower tones of blues this is not a band to miss. Having already supported bands such as Kid Rock and artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae they are sure  to breakthrough with their unique sound which is completely different from the generic indie and r and b songs which are filling our airwaves.

To find out more about Scarlett Parade and to see if they are touring anywhere near you soon check out their website –

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