For all those who are listening to my radio show (Undiscovered with Liz Leake) every friday (fridays @ 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm, saturdays 1am, 7am, 1pm and 7pm) this artist is featured on next week’s show. For anyone that has not heard the radio show, what’s going on? tune in to next week’s show on friday by following the link on the left.

Similar to Lisa Mitchell, Sia (full name Sia Kate Isobelle Furler) also originates from Australia. She moved to England a while ago to launch her career over here which seems to be making progress.

Having already had three solo albums out in Australia she is determined to make a break into the UK music market with her next album, entitled “We are born” which is a great mix of pop, electro and dance to create a sound similar to alphabeat and the black kids and is due for release on 7th June.

My favourite track on this album is called “Stop trying” and has a school playground-esque feel to it. But, the first single due for release off this new album is  “clap your hands” which you can check out along with 5 other track off the album here

But, you cannot deny this singer is a larger than life character with a lot of charisma and flair, and now she is in the UK who knows how far she will go in the music industry.

Check out her myspace here

Or her official website here

7 thoughts on “SIA”

  1. Hey!

    This radio show sounds pretty cool!

    I’ve got an indie project called “Esto” that I just came out with. Would you be interested in playing some of the tunes on the show – or reviewing the album?

    Let me know via email. I’d love to send you some undiscovered music!


  2. OMG i have only just found this website and i can see you found Sia two whole years before David guetta and flo rida TOP WORK

    i have a couple of undiscovered artists to suggest (four if you include those who are medium-biggish on youtube but haven’t yet made any impact on the charts)

    The non-youtube artists are both bands who basically create their own genres:
    1) Hobo Jones and the Junkyard dogs – A three piece man band who play mainly covers but have a self titled song as well. They basically do DIY versions of old songs, like “gordon is a moron” being played using a washboard + fake nails, a guitar string attached to a wooden box and a stick branch fashioned as a small walking stick, and a new york saxophone (you know the one that’s like a harmonica). For some songs they do use a ukelele (see them performing American idiot), but their best song barely uses any instruments as it is a cover of Fairytale of New York that puts the original to shame.

    2) Coco and the Butterfields – Starters of the most innovative and original genre ever: Country music mixed with hip hop! well i say that, it’s mainly country but in almost all of their songs (about 50-50 split of originals and covers) they throw in at least one verse of rap and chuck in a lot of world class beatboxing seamlessly. I have dubbed them as “Mumford and Sons 2.0” And you have not lived unless you have heard them doing a cover of Low by flo Rida and T-Pain

    I won’t say anything about the youtube stars in case you don’t count them

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