BBC Sound of 2017

So, it’s that time of year again, although slightly later than usual, the shortlist for BBC Sound of 2017.Just like the previous year it is a pretty RnB heavy list, but without further ado let’s start…

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I kept thinking over and over who does this artist sound like, what styles has he adopted? The thing is, BAKER is quite a rarity in the music industry at the moment. There is nothing generic about this artist and he seems to have put a spin on the dance genre to make it infectious yet enjoyable. He is stylish, he has a contemporary edge to him but at the same time there is a subtle undertone of something perhaps vintage in his music and looks.

One thing is for sure, his songs are very catchy and for all the right reasons, they have a good solid back beat, he makes you want to get up and dance to and they are perfect to cheer you up on a miserable rainy day.

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Black Kids

In a previous post I mentioned I would stick with British  bands for now, but, after looking at several new bands emerging into the industry, I realised that America is having a huge impact over here. So here is the first American band I am reviewing!

I first heard this band at a Kate Nash concert¬†which I went to in March. They were the support act and they were actually quite good! The band is made up of: Continue reading “Black Kids”