Sometimes you find new music in the most random of places. This time I found it on an advert in the London underground a few weeks ago.  Usually I don’t always take notice of the adverts but this one stood out and if you look at the image above you will understand why. It was an advert for Aurora’s debut album, “All my demons greeting me as friends”  which also peaked my interest.

The image itself is haunting yet intriguing and it had lodged itself in my brain. However, it was only a few weeks later when I was thinking of something to listen to on Deezer that I thought to look her up…and I have never looked  back since.

You may not realise this but you most likely already know her voice. She sang the beautiful version of “Other side of the world” in last Christmas’ John Lewis advert and has also been featured on HBO’s hit TV show, Girls..

Autora has a beautiful yet haunting voice and  her songs send shivers down my spine at times. Many of the songs have a dark quality to them and II must admit this is one thing I do love about her.

One of my favourite songs of hers is called “running with the wolves” everything about it I love, from the melody to the stretched out notes.

Although she is in a class of her own and difficult to put in a category if I had to compare her to someone it would be Florence and The Machine, but Lungs era and before, not post Lungs. She has the strength, the tenacity and the attitude that I saw in Florence Welch when I watched her perform in Shepherds Bush before she became so famous. She is not afraid to go this is me, here I am, love me or hate me.

I will definitely be buying her album soon but in the meantime have a listen to “Running with the wolves”



Let me know what you think!





Little Comets @ Joiners Live- 6th August 2015

The Joiners in Southampton is one of my favourite music venues. It’s intimate, has great acoustics and if you’re near the front the band is so close they are pretty much on top of you. It is one of those venues that has been around for a long time and has been host to some big bands in the past.

The venue was the most packed I have seen it in a long time and the atmosphere was alive and kicking. After two local support bands, Mother Goose and Howland on came Newcastle indie band, Little Comets

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Takedown Festival, March 15th 2014 @ Southampton University

01ed019aa15b08682886277a51312b8c11317356c3Before I go any further, I will admit, I am not the biggest rock fan. As you may be able to tell from my blog, the main genres I enjoy listening to are acoustic, pop and indie. But, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy listening to rock music sometimes.So, takedown for me was not only a music festival but a further insight into the world of rock and metal, and wow was it music overload but for all the right reasons.

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BBC Sound of 2014 – Top 5!!!

I was inspired to do this blog post after reading my friend, Mr Brawny’s post on  his blog (Brawny: Life, thoughts and drunken ramblings) about  the nominees at the Brit awards. So I thought I would do one for BBC Sound of 2014 as this very much applies to my blog.

By the way his blog is very good so once you have read mine you should definitely go have a read.

It’s that time of year again, a short time ago BBC announced their Top 5 for BBC Sound of 2014, including their winner. This is quite an influential list because previous winners have often gone on to become pretty big. Previous champions include; Little Boots, Ellie Goulding and Jessie J. So, this is quite a good indicator of finding out who we are going to be hearing more of in 2014.

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6 Minutes to Sunrise

6 mins final

One thing I really enjoy being able to do on this blog is promoting local bands and artists. If you listen to a great local band, it is that much better than someone from a different area, in my opinion. It makes you like your city that little bit more as you know that at the very least it produces some decent music. This is certainly something 6 Minutes to Sunrise did for me.

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Page 44

Ok, so this is another band which is close to my main favourite genre, indie pop. But, the discopvery of thi band was not on purpose, they added me a while back and I thought I would looking into the bands that have randomly added me in the past.

Page 44′ sound is a mixture of pop, rock and indie. They have a few gigs lined up for June/July time and I reccommend you check them out.


Have a look at their Myspace here 





This band is actually one that I have known for quite a long time, having gone to school with three of them. MFV (aka The Modern Fighting Vehicles) have been performing at small gigs for quite some time now but as of yet they are not signed, although they did get a promotion deal.

The band is made up of four guys: James Knaggs, Mo Bogarde, Max Hayes  and Jake Stephens. I have seen them perform quite a few times and each time they have apeared to be on top form. They have played up and down the UK from Edinburgh to an upcoming gig in Newquay in the summer! Their sound has similarities to the White Stripes amd Muse but use electric guitars and a synthesiser to make the sound their own! I asked the drummer how trhey thought of the name, “Modern Fighting Vehicles” and he asnwered;

“Our name comes from a book, Jake (bassist) was brianstorming band names and it fell off a shelf and twatted him in the eye.

If you want to find out more about the MFV you can view their Myspace here or you can go and watch them at one of their gigs this summmer including on 23rd May when they are headlining at the Joiners Arms in Southampton!

Check them out!

Review of New Music!

As I have written quite a few posts already on new music I thought I would reflect on how the blog is going and what effect it has had on my awareness of different genres.

Overall, it has been a reasonably easy task to find new music which is not mainstream. This is due to sites such as MySpace and Imgifted which are both easy to access and offers a wide range of genres to listen to.

But, this hasn’t only been a general experiment but also became a personal discovery. The main genre I tend to listen to is pop, and in particular indie pop, for example; The Hoosiers and Scouting for girls.

However, this blog has made me look and listen to different genres and I have discovered songs and bands which I would not directly go out of my way to listen to normally, but found I enjoyed listening to.

Two such genres that have come to my attention, that I realise I enjoy listening to are Jazz and Easy Listening. However, on the whole, most of the bands and singers I have listened to I have enjoyed, and not because I purposely chose them.

The reason is, that the majority of the bands/artists are ones that I chose randomly or got recommended from different friends with different music tastes to me! Thus, this experiment has opened my eyes to new genres and extended my knowledge on music. As well as this it has made me realise just how much new music there is out there to be discovered by not only me and the general public but also by the music industry.

The site I found since I started this blog, was This site has been very helpful in helping me discover unsigned bands and artists and is very easy to use due to the site being split into genres, and then displaying the singers. Even when (and if) I stop this blog I feel I would continue to look on this site if I was bored and wanted to find someone new to listen to!


Overall, the amount of new music there is to discover on the net is astounding and I recommend people randomly searching new music as you never know what you may find!

Royal Males


 This band is yet another recommendation from a different friend of mine. I found out more about this band on myspace and facebook thus I found a different new music location (facebook).                                                              If you are into the likes of the Jam and The Libertines then you will really like this band. Based in Taunton they formed back in 2006 and although they class themselves as punk/indie/alternative, their sound has a distinct similarity to 80s mod music which could be due to bands such as; “The specials” and “The Clash”, whom they mention on their page as being influences of theirs. As well as this, their band logo is also similar to a symbol which became associated with the mods (see picture below).



 Check out these guys either at their Myspace here or their Facebook by clicking here


This time I thought I would take the advice of a friend and look up one of her local bands. 

Milqud is made up of three guys from Bury St Edmonds, and if you imagine a cross between Green day and Panic! at the disco you will have an idea what these guys sound like! Although they are currently unsigned they seem to be making a name for themselves Continue reading “Milqud”