This band is actually one that I have known for quite a long time, having gone to school with three of them. MFV (aka The Modern Fighting Vehicles) have been performing at small gigs for quite some time now but as of yet they are not signed, although they did get a promotion deal.

The band is made up of four guys: James Knaggs, Mo Bogarde, Max Hayes  and Jake Stephens. I have seen them perform quite a few times and each time they have apeared to be on top form. They have played up and down the UK from Edinburgh to an upcoming gig in Newquay in the summer! Their sound has similarities to the White Stripes amd Muse but use electric guitars and a synthesiser to make the sound their own! I asked the drummer how trhey thought of the name, “Modern Fighting Vehicles” and he asnwered;

“Our name comes from a book, Jake (bassist) was brianstorming band names and it fell off a shelf and twatted him in the eye.

If you want to find out more about the MFV you can view their Myspace here or you can go and watch them at one of their gigs this summmer including on 23rd May when they are headlining at the Joiners Arms in Southampton!

Check them out!

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