The Weepies

A friend of mine has recently directed me to this band and I have gotta say, they are amazing.  Think of the magic numbers duo, but then think of the duo, but better, you getting me? You will!

The reason that many of you won’t have heard of them is because they are one of the many American bands that just have not broken through to the British music industry. But, this is not to say that they have not had many acheievements and even a few gigs over here in the UK. The now husband and wife made it big over in America in 2006,after being signed to Nettwerk label. They not only got shortlisted for a music award by Snow patrol member, Gary Lightbody, but they were also asked by Mandy Moore to write and sing on her album. (well, she had to make her album at least a little bit good somehow) 2006 was also the year they performed at the Oxygen festival in Ireland and T in the Park in Scotland. After their big year with much to be celebrated they took some time off and in this break they got married and had a little baby boy.

Their first  album, Happiness is an array of fantastic, acoustic songs which highlight their talent for folk-pop songs. If you liked the magic numbers (or the Juno soundtrack) you will love this duo from Massachusetts. Check out their newest album to date, “Hideaway” which has an array of great emotion provoking tracks including the hit “All this beauty” which was used in the smash hit blockbuster; Sex and the City: The Movie.

To listen to other tracks from the Weepies go to their myspace by clicking here or to find out more about The Weepies go on to their official website by clicking here

Or alternatively have a listen to “All this beauty” below:


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  1. They did the sex and the city soundtrack? well my view of them has just gone down.

    p.s. The person who told you about them sounds sexy

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