Track review- Froud- Open up your mind

Here was my assignment from nme, this is the edited version after I had the feedback.

Here at the NME office we were surprised to hear of a new Irish band that was not being managed by Louis Walsh and are actually quite different to their Irish pop predecessors. Think The Calling’s wannabe rock sound  meets the annoyingly drivel of  Nickelback and you’ll get the idea.

‘Open up your mind’ may be filled with alluring guitar and drum riffs but lacks the powerful, not to mention good lyrics. Its mediocre, pop influenced lyrics such as; “open up your mind, take a look inside, I will puke if I’m a single entity” makes its rightful place at the bottom of the bargain bucket at HMV. Sorry Louis Walsh, we take it all back, please come back!

Feedback anyone?

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